Ready to Start Making Your Site?

Creating your own website (or blog) is exciting stuff. Let's begin.

To have your own site, all you need to do is follow the instructions in the yellow box below. It should take about ten minutes.

Important: Please note that you don't need to download or upload anything, go to any website other than FatCow's, or do anything other than what's in this box. Just do this step, and you'll have your own website.

It's all pretty simple, but you can always talk to FatCow's Live Chat if you get stuck, or have any questions.

Complete instructions for setting up a website/blog

  1. Click here to sign up for FatCow hosting >> (Make sure you visit FatCow by clicking this link, because right now they're offering a 65% discount, to readers of this guide.)

    If you have a domain name you bought elsewhere, talk to FatCow's Live Chat after signing up. They'll help you connect it to FatCow.

    FatCow offers lots of extras. It's worth looking through them for anything you think might be beneficial to you. None of these extras are necessary, however.

  2. Go to the FatCow website, and click on Control Panel, if you're not already there.
  3. Ignore any "easy website builder" or any other offers to help you set up a website. You want WordPress.

    Click on "WP Essential" at the top of the screen.

    Choose a username and password. Write them down.

    Once installation has completed, click Let's Get Started, then Launch WordPress.

    Congratulations. You have a website!

Working on your site

You'll see this Welcome to WordPress! panel, on your Dashboard. Just use the things on this panel for now. It contains everything you need. You can explore all the other options later. Note: Ignore the Jetpack section.

If your site is a website, and not a blog, I'd recommend clicking Customize Your Site, and choosing a static (normal) page to be the front page of your site.

Now all you need to do is to start writing blog posts (or pages if your site isn't a blog.) Start your first post now, and introduce yourself and/or your new site. Please feel free to mention and/or link to Website Setup Guide if this site has helped you. I appreciate it. :)

Good luck!



Extra: Detailed instructions for WordPress

The Welcome to WordPress panel on your Dashboard should cover everything you need to know, but I've written this handy reference, in case you need more detailed instructions.

Detailed instructions for WordPress

Extra: Plugins

Plugins are significant extra features you can add to your site/blog. There are thousands of plugins available. They're easy to install, and can do almost anything.

Block spam (strongly recommended)

Anyone with a new blog should watch out for "comment spam" – unrelated comments like "great post, I agree" that also contain links. These are automated messages posted by robots. They're not real comments. The Akismet plugin blocks this comment spam.

The Akismet plugin comes with WordPress, but is not activated by default. Activate it in the plugins section, then follow its instructions, to get an "API key". If you tell the Akismet site that your site/blog is a personal blog, then you can get Akismet for free.

Add a contact form (so people can email you)

I recommend Grunion Contact Form.

Detailed instructions


The official Facebook plugin adds "like" buttons and other Facebook features to your site.

See who's visiting your site

I recommend the Slimstat plugin. It provides detailed statistics about how many people are visiting your site.

In the WordPress control panel, click on the Plugins section, then Add New. Search for Slimstat, and a list of plugins will appear. Click Install Now, next to the plugin. Then click Activate.

A new Slimstat page will appear at the left of your control panel.

Add a forum

I recommend the bbPress plugin. I haven't used it, but it's simple and popular.

Extra: Creating an email address @ your website

Click here to show instructions

The End

You've reached the end of the site.

If you want to read more general information about websites, head back to Step 4: Extra Information >>

If you feel like you're ready to start making your site, head to the top of this page, and begin >>